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Decorative, waterproof, flexible stone resurfacing system.

Succeeds where all other products fail. Unlike cement based resurfacing, it is flexible, waterproof and bonds to any existing surface including : Wood, tile, concrete and asphalt.

Sand-Rich® is a permanent, maintainable solution assuring the building will never have to repair or replace another roof or deck etc. There is no other system available in the US today like SandRich..


  • Virtually height-less, it does not create door swing clearance problems.
  • Fully adheres, so it will never cause water entrapment, mold, etc.
  • Non-skid surface exceeds all ADA and OSHA standards.
  • Fully waterproof when combined with PerfectMembrane®
  • Withstands climate changes and freeze/thaw cycles
  • Won’t crack, rot or dry out.
  • Weighs only 1 lb per a square foot.


  • Harder than cement, yet flexible
  • Adheres over any substrate, including tile.
  • European technology proven over 30 years.
  • Solvent and VOC free

Sand-Rich® benefits:

  • Ideal to resurface over failed tiled deck systems
  • Attractive yet tough. Strong yet flexible.
  • Adheres over any substrate, including tile.
  • Non-skid surface exceeds all ADA & OSHA standards
  • Use as a cool deck.
  • Virtually height-less. Extremely lightweight.
  • Custom colors & patterns.
  • Repair parking decks
  • Environmentally responsible. Prevents hazardous debris from entering landfills.
  • More practical than pavers
  • European technology proven over 30 years.

Description: A tough, flexible, hydro-phobic, specifically designed two part thermo-set, plastic epoxy modified adhesive polymer that features excellent adhesive characteristics to a wide range of substrates. It is unfilled and has a Mix ratio of one to one by volume or weight. Product is solvent and VOC free.

Shelf Life and Storage: One year at 59-86 degrees in unopened containers.

Mix Ratio: One part A into one part B by volume or weight.

Cut-away detail

diagram of layers required for SandRich products

Graphical representation of flexibility

diagram of flexible stone products

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