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Which product should I use to seal my floor or mastics?
If you’re going to stick something to it, use PerfectPrimer.
If you’re going to use alone or lay something over it, use PerfectPaint.

PerfectPaint – Patent Pending

Prep, prime, seal, and paint mastics for less than $1 per square foot.

PerfectPaint is the complete sealer, paint, and primer in one. It applies directly over existing asbestos mastic, VCT tile, cut back glues, or existing coatings such as lead paint, as well as any clean surface such as wood or concrete.

The PerfectPaint system comes with our PerfectCleaner floor prep treatment that safely cleans and conditions surfaces without disturbing them, to maximize their adhesion to coatings.

PerfectPaint is the only paint specified to meet the EPA guidelines to cover, prime, seal, and paint over asbestos mastics without disturbing them.

PerfectPaint applies directly onto existing asbestos, tile, wood, concrete, or black mastic.

Once cured, it may be overlayed with carpet, floating wood floor, plank flooring, or sheet vinyl systems. It may also be used as a stand-alone floor paint.

Features and Benefits:

  • Seals cutback glues, asbestos mastics, VCT, or VAT tile
  • Meets EPA guidelines to not dissolve or disturb mastics
  • No need for scraping, grinding, solvents, soy gels, or removal of mastics
  • Nontoxic; no harmful VOCs
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Applies with roller or brush
  • For use indoors and outdoors
  • Comes ready to use
  • Cleans up with water


Clean floor with PerfectCleaner

Prime and patch floor if needed with PerfectPrimer and an epoxy or patching cement

Apply two coats of PerfectPaint

If desired, apply your carpet, floating wood floor, or sheet vinyl system

The PerfectPrimer system comes with our PerfectCleaner floor prep treatment.

Should I use PerfectPrimer or PerfectPaint?

Creates a primed surface ready for new coatings.Creates a finished, walkable paint surface.
Prepares floors for new paint, tile, epoxy, or decorative/leveling cements.Prepares floors for new carpet, floating wood/vinyl, or sheet vinyl.


PerfectPaint over basement floor

PerfectPaint over warehouse floor


General Information:

When should I use PerfectPrimer or PerfectPaint?
Use PerfectPrimer to seal your floor before applying a new paint or epoxy coating.

Use PerfectPaint when you want to prime and paint the floor, or apply a tile, wood, vinyl, or floating floor system on top.

Is PerfectPaint safe to use?
Yes. PerfectPaint is non-toxic and cleans up with water. PerfectPaint seals mastic safely in place without disturbing it.
Is it safe to seal mastic with PerfectPaint?
Yes. According to the EPA, asbestos and black cutback mastics and glues are safe to be around as long as they are not dissolved, sanded, or disturbed.
How do I apply PerfectPaint?
First clean the floor using PerfectCleaner. Once visibly dry, apply a coat of PerfectPaint using a ⅜” NAP roller. Use a generous amount but be careful not to allow the material to puddle. After 12 hours or when dry to the touch, apply a second coat. Allow 24 hours afterwards to cure.
What is the coverage rate for PerfectPaint?
PerfectPaint is a two coat system. The first coat acts as the primer, and the second coat is the paint, or finish coat. The coverage rate is 300-350 sq. ft per two gallon pail based on two coat applications.
What causes primers or paints to bubble up?
This condition is caused by the same pressures that cause a balloon to expand when you fill it with air or water. The bubbling you see is caused either by the vapor issue site conditions, or by applying new application of deck coatings over an incompletely cured primer coat (trapped moisture) or by water that is entering the underside of the slab. For these applications, it is best to first apply SlabTight water block floor treatment.
I have a high water table and water seeps up through the floor. Will PerfectPaint fix this?
Water that comes up through a floor can cause any coating system to fail as it pushes the coatings up from underneath. The wet concrete surface also weakens the coatings bonds.

For water that comes up though bare concrete, you need to apply SlabTight penetrating water vapor blocking coating to the floor first, before applying PerfectPaint or anything else.

Will PerfectPaint bond to latex based floor paint?
Yes. PerfectPaint will bond to latex paint. Just make sure the paint itself is clean and well bonded to a stable surface.
How long does PerfectPaint take to dry?
Normally PerfectPaint will be dry after 24 hours but may still be tacky to the touch. In humid or damp conditions it will take longer to dry.Normally PerfectPaint will be dry after 24 hours but may still be tacky to the touch. In humid or damp conditions it will take longer to dry.
Are there any installers you can recommend in my area for PerfectPaint?
PerfectPaint simply applies as a paint. No special training is needed. It is designed so that any homeowner, contractor or do-it-yourselfer can apply it. Just clean the surface first with our PerfectCleaner. Once visibly dry, apply PerfectPaint.
Will PerfectPaint work over cutback glue that is not asbestos?
Yes, PerfectPaint works with any glue, mastic, tar, adhesives, friable and non-friable asbestos.
Can I buy your products in Northern CA?
Yes, we ship to California every day. We meet CA prop 65 standards and shipping is free.
Can I use PerfectPaint to seal my VCT, then to install a click system floating floor?
Yes. First use our PerfectPaint over your VCT tiles, then apply your floating floor or click system.
Can I tint PerfectPaint? What kind of tint do I use?
PerfectPaint comes in a light -medium grey color. If you like, you can darken it by mixing in any liquid tint designed for latex paint.
Can I use PerfectPaint as a standalone floor finish?
Yes. After you apply two coats, you do not need to coat anything on top for a complete job.
Does PerfectPaint meet EPA rules?
Yes. PerfectPaint enables you to seal and paint the mastic without disturbing it, to meet the EPA safety rules. PerfectPaint and PerfectPrimer are the only DIY products to safely and legally deal with black mastics.

The EPA rules do not require you to remove black cutback mastic or asbestos materials from your floors. They only say that you cannot disturb these materials by chemical or physical means such as grinding, or dissolving with soy gels. If you choose to remove it or encapsulate it, then it must be done in accordance with strict guidelines. PerfectCleaner used with PerfectPaint does not disturb the mastic. However, soy gels, scraping, and grinding do.

Can I use PerfectPaint on clean concrete?
Yes, PerfectPaint will prime and paint over clean concrete, wood, sheet flooring, or any building material.
Will PerfectPaint bond over soy gel, beanie doo type dissolvers or mastic residue?
Yes. Once the floor is prepared with PerfectCleaner, PerfectPaint should bond to the surface.
Can I paint over PerfectPaint in the future?
Yes. Most acrylic paint will bond to PerfectPaint. Water based or latex products might be best.
Will new tile mastic bond with PerfectPaint?
No. For this application, use two coats of PerfectPrimer.
Can I put a clear water based polyurethane over PerfectPaint?
Yes. Water based polyurethane will adhere to PerfectPaint.

Floor preparation

How do I clean or prepare the floor for PerfectPaint?
Stir the entire packet of PerfectCleaner into 3-5 gallons of warm water, or half of the packet into 1-3 gallons.Then, wash the floor with the PerfectCleaner and a mop or stiff brush.

Rinse the floor with clean water and allow it to visibly dry before applying PerfectPaint.

On tile floors with a wax or floor finish, first remove the wax using ammonia mixed with hot water. You may also use a wax stripper, available at a janitorial supply house.

For professionals: You can “dry clean” a tile, epoxy or linoleum floor by lightly sanding the floor with a 100 grit scrubber pad. Once done, sweep or vacuum the floor and then clean it with a sweeping pad and denatured alcohol. When the floor is visibly dry, you can apply PerfectPaint.

Why should I use PerfectCleaner instead of any other soap or detergent?
PerfectCleaner is a safe to use, non-toxic formulation that you can use indoors without concern. It does not disturb the mastics in any way.

PerfectCleaner also contains a pretreatment that readies the mastics to bond with the PerfectPaint. It is an important part of this system, and guarantees you a successful installation.

Do I need to remove or sand black mastic before applying PerfectPaint?
No. Some people sand or scrape down some of the high spots to make a more level surface, but it is not required before applying the PerfectPaint.
How do I prepare missing tiles before applying PerfectPaint?
You can re-glue or replace missing tiles with any tile the same size using a using a PL1 or Liquid nails type construction adhesive.
How do I prepare low areas, cracks etc. with patching, or self leveling cements before applying PerfectPaint?
Clean the floor with PerfectCleaner. Apply a one thin coat of PerfectPrimer on the areas you would like to patch. Once dry, apply your cement or epoxy patching and leveling products. Once cured, you can apply PerfectPaint.
How do I prepare small cracks and seams before applying PerfectPaint?
You can use acrylic caulk, polyurethane, or epoxy to fill small cracks and seams. Let cure before applying PerfectPaint to the entire floor. Note: PerfectPaint will not bond to silicone based caulk.
Can I apply PerfectPaint directly over vinyl tiles (VCT) that are firmly glued down?
Yes. PerfectPaint will bond to your tile, and then you can paint over it using any acrylic floor paint you like.
Can I apply perfect paint over a floor where some VAT/VCT tiles are intact and the rest of the floor has black mastics?
Yes. PerfectPaint will bond to tile, mastics, and concrete as long as the floor is clean and sound.
What do I do if some Vinyl tiles are loose or missing?
If some tiles are loose, re-glue or replace them or patch those areas using patch cement over PerfectPaint.
What do I do if my floor seems to “sweat” or has a thin film of water on it. Will PerfectPaint seal that problem?
Basement floors and any concrete slab on grade can sometimes have moisture problems with water or water vapor beneath them. Water can also come from underneath the slab or through the walls.

In moist, damp environments, condensation can gather on the floor tile or exposed mastic. To cure, run a dehumidifier, a fan, or open a window and see if the problem goes away.

If the problem goes away, or if there is a slight amount of moisture that comes through the slab, then on parts of the floor where the pores are open, (no paint, or mastic etc.) then you should first apply our SlabTight shield.

You can apply PerfectPaint over the entire floor after that.

If the problem continues, you may want to do a calcium chloride test, or check for the slab with a moisture meter. Look for signs of black mold as well to indicate vapor issues.

If there are structural water problems, you should consult a local contractor to cure before applying any floor coatings.

Shipping and Delivery Information

What are PerfectPaint’s application Temperatures?

If you have consistently high humidity levels, (above 70%) we recommend that you wait 24 hours for the Primer to cure before applying your top coatings

You can also use a dehumidifier or place fans over the work area, to facilitate curing.

Note: This is a water-based coating which will freeze and become unusable at temperatures below 32°F. PROTECT PRIMER FROM FREEZING DURING SHIPMENT AND STORAGE.

Do not store material at temperatures below 50°F. Do not apply ambient air and substrate temperatures fall below 45°F or when there is a possibility of temperature dropping below 32°F within a 24-hour period after application.

Once I order, when will I get my PerfectPaint?
We ship Mon-Fri within 24 hours of receipt of the order.

The typical UPS delivery time from our warehouse in PA is 2-5 days.

Is there any way to speed up my order?
You may choose to use expedited shipping. These rates are visible on our website when you are checking out the order.

PerfectPaint can freeze, so if there is cold weather shipping may be delayed.

What countries do you ship to?
We ship via UPS or FedEx anywhere in the world. If you are outside of the 48 lower states (U.S.), place your order online and check the option “will pay by check”. We will provide you with a complete shipping quote for your approval.
Do you ship internationally?
We can ship anywhere in the world with FedEx or UPS. Contact us for a quote.
I received the Perfect Primer today and it was damaged in transit. What do I do?
We are sorry this happened, Unfortunately these parcel companies do not handle packages with the proper amount of care. That said, the primer is still usable and fine, even if the pail has leaked. Open the pail and see how much is in the container. If it is low, send us a picture. We will send you replacements to make up for any missing product.

Return Policy

What is your return policy?
Customers who cancel an order before it is shipped out will receive a full refund.

All products are warranted against defects.

Unopened merchandise can be returned within 48 hours of delivery at the owner’s expense.. Once material is received by us in good condition, a refund will be credited, minus a 20% restocking fee.

The complete terms and conditions can be seen in the footer of our website.

Specs / Data Sheets

Data Sheet PDFs

SDS Sheet


How to Paint Over Asbestos Mastic With PerfectPaint

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