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Lois Pocian

I am sooooo pleased with your product. I was feeling defeated only a few weeks ago. Your product was a godsend. It did everything you said it would! The final results with the epoxy top coat, turned out great. Being a 64 year old woman, I am pleased to say “I did it by myself”. Thank you so much.!

Rebecca Taylor

Thank you again for helping us with our order. We are very excited about this product. You made our day! God bless

Brandon Hailey

Concrete Alternatives

I have been using the Perfect Primer for several years now. I work in all fields of decorative concrete from overlays to epoxy coatings. I must say the Perfect Primer lives up to its name. I have not used a grinder to prep a floor since using the Perfect Primer. Many jobs that I once may have had to walk away and not bid, or bid them high to cover cost of running a grinder; I now can be really competitive with my pricing. It saves so much time and labor. The prep work is cut down tremendously. My regret is that I didn’t find it sooner in my business operations. Great way to put money in your pocket and save your back and that of your crew.

In this project, the floor of the gallery (1900 sq.ft.) was cleaned thoroughly. We applied the Perfect Primer and followed the instructions for application of our coating. You can see the pail of Perfect Primer in the first photo. This is just one of the projects we have taken on with confidence using the Perfect Primer. The results have been fantastic.

William T. Kulish – President

Quintechs, LLC

Hi Scott,

It was great talking with you the other day. I wanted to share my delight in finding your product just in the nick of time.

I own a decorative,re-surfacing concrete company based out of Delaware. We had just completed turning 20 year old concrete, which was failing, cracking and looking bad, into what looked like granite. I pulled the color off of an existing stone wall. All the trades working on this property loved it and kept asking how I did it.

Unfortunately after two long days of work the owner was not pleased.  She asked “Can we make it look like concrete?” She went on, “You know, concrete”. I was frustrated at her statement for her husband had asked me to do something special…….. which I felt I had. This husband and wife team owns a real estate company and flips houses often so, I wanted them to be happy with the results.  In my years of creating stone works of art I had never had such a reaction.

What I learned from this experience has changed the way I do business in two ways. I’ll explain.  Yes, the customer is always right or left in this case, but regardless of my ego and wanting to create something special, they could only imagine a finish look of concrete, not stone, rock or something found in nature but basic concrete.  So lesson one was that if  a customer wants a solid finish surface with one color then give them exactly that.

The second lesson relates to your product. Prior to learning about PerfectPrimer I would have had two choices:

  1. Grind off everything I had applied , thus creating a mess and spending more time doing that than it took to apply  it.
  2. Break/remove the sealer with Xylene.  This choice could be risky because of the possibility of not being absolutely sure that I had removed all of the sealer which could lead to future delaminating down the road or in the case down the steps.

The solution was your product.  I wiped some of the sealer off, let it dry and then applied your product.  After a second coat of the primer I went back to square one and applied two coats of the process I use,  and sealed it again.

I let everything dry and came back the next day to find out that a neighborhood cat had decided to mark this new (yet to be sealed) area as his.  Let me tell you, nothing absorbs cat liquid better than very lightly grey tinted bond coats.  It is like dropped oil on a newly sanded piece of wood.  ARG! (I said something different but you can insert any word you wish).

Anyway, I now had close to thirty man hours into this, an unhappy customer and a happy cat. I tried everything I knew to try to hide said stain but with no luck. The cat refused to “mark” the remaining surface in spite of verbal threats.

So I went back over everything again with your primer. Once dry I splattered down my product and hit it with a commercial fan until I could seal it. That day of course.! I now have a satisfied customer for they got the look they were after. Because of the steps involved I am not sure how or if I could have done it any other way so thank you for a product the “seams” to good to be true.

I think we often think something that is very easy for some reason cannot be as effective as something frustrating, difficult, messy and time consuming. I also think we tend to focus on working hard instead of working smart. I am now a firm believer that your product does the hard work smart.

Ron Stotler

Concrete Innovations

Dear Sirs:,

Just wanted to let you know that I repaired 30 feet of cracks with the PerfectPrimer, TrueGrit and the fabric.  I mixed the grit  dust with PerfectPrimer until it was a putty consistency and used a putty knife to fill the cracks.

I then brushed PerfectPrimer over the crack, applied the fabric and then brushed another coat of PerfectPrimer over the fabric. I mixed up a batch of thin coat decorative concrete and feathered out from the crack.  I completed my installation the next day of a textured spray on coat of decorative concrete and so far the cracks have not reappeared.  So far I am really high on these products. as they have worked exactly as you said they would.

Jon Vilhauer – Owner

Versatile Coatings LLC

Dear Sirs,

It was a pleasure talking with you the other day. I just wanted to send you a note on my recent experience with your product.

I had a customer that had an overlay system applied to their patio. The stain the contractor used had all but faded away. Instead of removing the existing sealer, we used our floor sander to cleane the surface and applied a coat of your primer, then applying one of our coatings in the customer color of choice.

Another application was in an old house were they had VCT that was on the floor. Instead of grinding all of the mastic off the concrete, we tore out the VCT, cleaned the surface and applied a coat of PerfectPrimer, then applied one of our decorative overlays. In both cases it has worked out extremely well.

My next project is a 100 sq/ft balcony for a contractor that has a so called waterproofing membrane which has failed in only 2 years. I will be applying the PerfectPrimer with the fabric to seal up the balcony and apply a decorative finish over the top. I am hoping the job leads to many more with this contractor and others.

Thanks for all of your support and I look forward to our continued business opportunities.

Pete Jones – President

Dear Sirs:

We are in the decorative concrete business, applying GraniTite spray-on granite Coating and concrete overlay stains. We ordered our first bucket of PerfectPrimer Base Coat in April of 2009.

This has changed the way we look at some of the challenges that we encounter.

We have used PerfectPrimer successfully to prep surfaces such as ceramic tile, painted concrete and many other jobs where we are concerned about preparing a good bonding surface

We have been very pleased with the results and are very grateful for the confidence that it gives to us.


I wanted to let you all know how much we enjoy using your product, PerfectPrimer. It’s cutting our prep time in half and allowing us to take jobs we probably would not have taken otherwise. I have attached before and after pictures. This was a pool deck that had kool deck coming up in several places. We would not have taken this job if grinding was our only option. We love your product and it’s helping our business stay profitable!!!

Johnny Roybal

Legend Restoration

This letter is to acknowledge my experiences using your product PerfectPrimer.

I have used this product for over 4 years now and love it! I have had nothing but success in the many jobs I’ve done.  My clients have commented on how amazed and happy they were that we did not have to demolish, grind, and create dust in order to get their job done.

For example: I had a job in 2007 that was a clay floor (satillo tile) that the clients did not want to pay for the removal of. So I first cleaned the floor with MEK, then I applied the PerfectPrimer with a 3/8 nap roller. Once that was cured, I placed a self leveler over your product to eliminate the grout lines. Then I used a micro topping over that, acid stained the floor and sealed it.

Till this day the floor has been down with no call- backs, complaints or otherwise. I will continue to use your product in the future! Thank you, it is so nice to be able to stand behind such a great product!

Mr. Winnie .H. WAHL

Creative concrete Concepts Inc.

I must say that I am happy with the results I have experienced with your product, as it has performed as you have claimed in all respects to overlay preparation.

One one site I removed Marley tiles, removed most glue with scraper and placed your primer over that.

Second site was a B&B with some major cracks. This customer has had a bad experience with a previous contractor whose work has cracked after only 4 months, due to neglecting to repair cracks prior to installing his overlay.

Then I have been asked to repair his work in the new year and to do the floors for a further 3 units, and I know I will have no problems with your product.

The third site I had to apply an overlay over previously sealed concrete. Worked like a gem.

I am also awaiting for USHAKA (our SEA WORLD here in South Africa) to come back to me as they are looking to upgrade their walkways with certain criteria which your product allows me to meet. NO GRINDING specifically.

I need to also place the attached order for more PerfectPrimer

Rob Sattelmyere

Concepts In Concrete

Wanted to say thanks and how impressed I have become by PerfectPrimer.

I just got back from inspecting a potential nightmare of a job where Seam Perfect performed as promised.

Six months ago, we did coatings on a basement floor that had several obstacles.

It was an older historic house with very narrow stairways, which prevented us from getting the grinding equipment that was needed to prep the floor for our overlay system.  Plus, the floor was prone to moisture, and covered with Cut-Back glue and tile mastic. After attending your seminar I decided to give PerfectPrimer a chance on this project.

We cleaned the floor. Once dry, we applied 2 coats of PerfectPrimer and then our first base coat of material. There would have been no way to prep this floor (grind and clean up)  traditionally. We finished our coatings, were very pleased with the results.

Last month, we received a call from the homeowner stating her basement had flooded with sewage from a broken pipe.  The water dept sent in a crew to clean up.  The Water Dept then sent out a deep cleaning crew to handle the potential of bacteria etc. Our inspection showed no damage to the floor The floor held up to the rigorous cleaning that it went through.

We wanted to let you know how pleased we are, how easy PerfectPrimer has made our surface prep, and to relay this story on how your product held up in a unique situation.

Thanks Again.

Anita C. Edwards

Brown’s Services, Inc.

Dear Sir,

We want place another order of the PerfectPrimer product.  We are so pleased with this product because it has reduced our surface prep time by days!  In the past we have had to grind the concrete to remove layers of glue and mastic but now we simply clean the existing surface with a neutral cleaner and degreaser and then roll over the surface with the PerfectPrimer. Twelve hours later we are ready to apply our micro-topping.  Thanks again for introducing us to this product!  It is a labor saver.

Thank you again.

Trip Reilly

Concrete Surfaces Unlimited – Chattanooga, TN

I’m sending you note, concerning your PerfectPrimer. We used it on a basement floor covered with carpet glue and old paint.

The reason for using this product was to eliminate the ‘labor intense’ surface prep work of diamond grinding or bead blasting the floor prior to application of a cementitious overlayment, without jeopardizing the integrity of the overlay’s ability to bond with the substrate.

Not only did we save money and time on the prep work but also, once the PerfectPrimer coat was applied, had a highly bondable and consistent surface for our overlayment to adhere to. I was pleasantly surprised to see the ease of application and the tenacious bond the overlay had with the substrate using the PerfectPrimer. The job turned out extremely well and the clients were very happy with the outcome. Needless to say, so were we!

Nick Cenci – President

I just wanted to write to you regarding your PerfectPrimer product.  I have been using this product for several years, and especially this past year.  I use it for crack repair, priming of cut back glue floors and over existing tile.  I am very satisfied with how well it covers, and it is very easy to use.  I would recommend this product to anyone. Try it and you won’t be disappointed.

Eileen Velasco – Administrative Assistant

Brown’s Services, Inc.

We use Perfect Primer for our PerfectPrimer service and have had great experience with the product.
We use it as a primer over paint, tile, wood – this is the primer we use to bond with Miracote Micro-Topping when we resurface floors.
We buy Perfect Primer from Specialty Solutions because it is a great primer.
We use it to cut down on the work of removing paint, glue etc.

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