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Rob Sattelmyere

Concepts In Concrete

Wanted to say thanks and how impressed I have become by PerfectPrimer.

I just got back from inspecting a potential nightmare of a job where Seam Perfect performed as promised.

Six months ago, we did coatings on a basement floor that had several obstacles.

It was an older historic house with very narrow stairways, which prevented us from getting the grinding equipment that was needed to prep the floor for our overlay system.  Plus, the floor was prone to moisture, and covered with Cut-Back glue and tile mastic. After attending your seminar I decided to give PerfectPrimer a chance on this project.

We cleaned the floor. Once dry, we applied 2 coats of PerfectPrimer and then our first base coat of material. There would have been no way to prep this floor (grind and clean up)  traditionally. We finished our coatings, were very pleased with the results.

Last month, we received a call from the homeowner stating her basement had flooded with sewage from a broken pipe.  The water dept sent in a crew to clean up.  The Water Dept then sent out a deep cleaning crew to handle the potential of bacteria etc. Our inspection showed no damage to the floor The floor held up to the rigorous cleaning that it went through.

We wanted to let you know how pleased we are, how easy PerfectPrimer has made our surface prep, and to relay this story on how your product held up in a unique situation.

Thanks Again.

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