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Our products PerfectPrimer and PerfectPaint are a contractor and flooring professional’s dream! Industry professionals are tasked to work with many scenarios and materials. Our two products have you covered for any situation! Let us explain what projects and surfaces you can use them for.

Our product is for almost any surface preparation and priming project. While it is well-known for its effectiveness in sealing and priming asbestos-containing materials, PerfectPrimer offers a range of applications beyond asbestos.


PerfectPrimer is an ideal choice for priming concrete surfaces. Whether the concrete is sealed, painted, or clean, PerfectPrimer can be applied to create a strong bond and provide a smooth and uniform surface. It prepares the concrete for further treatments such as epoxy coatings, decorative cement, or self-leveling cement.


PerfectPrimer can prime wood surfaces, enhancing their adhesion and durability. Whether you are working on interior or exterior wood applications, PerfectPrimer ensures a solid foundation for subsequent coatings or finishes, such as acrylic latex paint or varnish.


PerfectPrimer is effective in sealing and priming various tile types, including VCT (vinyl composition tile), asbestos, vinyl, and tile glue. It creates a stable base for tile installations, ensuring excellent adhesion and reducing the risk of tile movement or delamination.


PerfectPrimer can be applied over existing paint to prepare the surface for a new coat. It provides a smooth and clean foundation, helping improve the adhesion and longevity of the new paint layer.

Carpet Glue:

When removing old carpet, the residue of carpet glue can be challenging to deal with. PerfectPrimer offers an efficient solution by effectively sealing and priming over the carpet glue, eliminating the need for its removal and providing a suitable surface for new coatings.


PerfectPrimer is suitable for priming metal surfaces, providing a protective barrier against corrosion and improving the adhesion of subsequent coatings or finishes. It can be applied to various metal substrates, including steel, aluminum, and iron.

Sheet Vinyl:

PerfectPrimer can be used to prime sheet vinyl surfaces, ensuring optimal adhesion of the flooring adhesive and minimizing the risk of future issues such as lifting or bubbling.

Asbestos or Lead-Painted Shingles:

PerfectPrimer is a reliable solution for priming asbestos or lead-painted shingles. By encapsulating these hazardous materials, PerfectPrimer helps create a safer environment without the need for expensive and time-consuming removal processes.

When dealing with any of these surfaces with PerfectPrimer, you’ll be ready in no time to add your paint, tile, epoxy, or decorative/leveling types of cement. Its ability to seal and prime different surfaces enables professionals to achieve superior results while minimizing the need for extensive surface preparation or costly treatments.

But what if I have a flooring project that needs to be finished with carpet, floating wood floor, LVP, or sheet vinyl? No need to worry; our all-in-one sealer, primer, and paint, PerfectPaint has you covered. PerfectPaint can be applied directly over any clean surface, such as asbestos mastics, VCT tile, or cutback glues.

Just like PerfectPrimer our product PerfectPaint is non-toxic and easy to use. Both products can be easily applied with rollers or brushes, saving you time and labor costs. Its non-toxic ingredients also ensure your crew’s and clients’ safety and provide quality results, every time.

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