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Homeowners and construction workers, don’t worry about hazardous home restorations any longer. PerfectPrimer i is here to help reduce danger while you complete your project! Its user-friendly properties make it easier than ever before to safely finish repairs and seal dangerous toxins like asbestos and black mastic so you can keep the renovations moving along. Check out what makes this primer so special compared to others – you’ll soon be effortlessly tackling those toxins with confidence knowing that a reliable defence is along for the ride!

It’s important to understand that working with asbestos can be a risky endeavour, and attempting even basic DIY sealing of asbestos-containing materials such as insulation can have serious implications. Not only do you risk inhaling the dangerous fibres during the process, but if not sealed properly and carefully, it could allow them to continue to release into your home and your family’s environment.

Throughout the 19th century, professional mastic removal was a pain. Not anymore! PerfectPrimer is an advanced polymer sealant that creates an effective barrier between hazardous materials and other surfaces. It’s designed to be used on any surface, both inside and outside of the home, to provide superior protection against toxins, mould, mildew, water damage and other potentially damaging substances. It’s perfect for use in any home restoration project where safety is paramount. What makes it really unique is that PerfectPrimer both seals, and then primes the surface to stick to your new epoxy, paints, cement and new mastics.

PerfectPrimer is a lifesaver for any project involving difficult and dangerous substances like asbestos mastic and lead paint – no sanding, grinding or hazardous solutions necessary! It safely seals them without disturbance while also providing stain-blocking protection. This effective latex encapsulant meets the EPA’s highest standards, so it’s perfect if you’re looking to get the job done right.

Ready to give your surfaces a refresh?

Taking matters into your own hands has never been easier. First make sure the area where you plan to apply it is clear of any dust, broken tiles or other debris – then wash down with PerfectCleaner before starting. After that, simply coat twice with primer (once every 12 hours) in between which can also be used on patching sites if needed by using PerfectPatch & acrylic caulk. Et voilà – after 24 hours of curing time all that’s left to do is begin applying paint and adhesives for beautiful interior design revamps at home!

We can all agree that construction and renovation projects should be safe and secure, and with PerfectPrimer –You can rest assured that your project is protected from any potential harm. From its non-toxic composition to its strong and durable nature, this sealer ensures your health and the success of your project in any climate! Plus, the easy application process means minimal prep time is needed so you can save valuable resources. With such an ideal combination of safety and convenience, why not make sure your restoration projects are done right by using PerfectPrimer

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