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for sealing asbestos mastics

Paint for Asbestos 

Paint for Asbestos Floors


Efficient and Durable Prime and Paint for Asbestos

When it is about paint for asbestos, you need to be cautious enough. Slight negligence may disturb the material and the fatal effect of asbestos may affect your health. Often, people think to go for asbestos removal instead of painting on it. But, the real-time scenario does not allow you to remove the material without disturbing it, most of the time. To do it safely, you need to hire experts who come with protective measures and do the job. However, instead of opting for that risky job, why don’t you go for the less risky and convenient one? We are talking about painting on the asbestos. Although, as we said it also asks for being careful while painting on asbestos, it is not as stressful as the removal of the material. For applying asbestos encapsulation paint, you need to choose a high-quality paint material that works as a perfect asbestos sealer. The asbestos encapsulation coating must be strong enough to adhere to the harmful material and not let it spread in the air. So, high-quality products manufactured by a renowned company are the best choice ever. Visit Perfect Primer here. We offer the topmost quality primer, paint, and sealer for asbestos encapsulation. Instead of opting for DIY asbestos mastic removal, go for legal asbestos encapsulation with the best products in the market.

Encapsulation Paint to avoid Expensive Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos abatement is a process to control the release of harmful asbestos materials from the materials containing asbestos. Mostly, in construction areas, where asbestos has been widely used, the process of abatement is practiced. Whenever there is a case of asbestos removal or renovation or encapsulation, abatement is needed. To secure the lives of the construction workers and common people, it is now essential to use abatement. The negative impacts of asbestos are reduced when you get into the process. After all, asbestos flocking from the floors, ceilings, walls are not recommended. But the process is expensive and lengthy. Of course, you do not want to go bankrupt to complete the job of asbestos encapsulation. Therefore, the easy solution is to go for asbestos encapsulation paint. But, the paint for asbestos must be effective enough to adhere to the harmful asbestos fibers with it. Here comes Perfect Primer. The experts from the company manufactured the paint, primer, and encapsulation sealer that provide the best quality asbestos encapsulation coating.

Safe, Effective, and Legal Asbestos Encapsulation with Durable Paint

Perfect Primer manufactures paint and primer that work as a perfect encapsulation sealer for asbestos materials. Why only asbestos? Our paint is ideal for sealing VCT tiles, cutback glues, lead paint, and other harmful materials. You can apply the paint directly to the materials like asbestos mastic, wooden surface, tile, black mastic, concrete, etc. Being a professional manufacturer, we take care of the EPA guidelines to ensure that the paint is legal and safe to use. Our perfect paint system not only coats the surfaces but also prepares them for the application of asbestos encapsulation paint. Our paint for asbestos and other harmful materials comes with a cleaning treatment system that cleans and prepares the surface before you put the asbestos encapsulation coating paint on them. Thus, the complete process ensures maximizing the adhesion of the asbestos to the paint. Hence, whether you require painting on asbestos for your office, home, club, or other places, visit Perfect Primer for safe, legal, and the most effective paint and primer to encapsulate asbestos.

Professional Assistance to Identify Asbestos Mastics

You can opt for asbestos encapsulation only when you come to know about the presence of asbestos. Identifying its presence is not easy. Many a time, black mastic and other adhesive materials are found with a massive amount of harmful asbestos. We with our common man’s knowledge and observation, may not recognize the presence of asbestos. However, the experts at Perfect Primer can help with professional testing for asbestos in black mastic and other materials.

To identify whether the material has asbestos or not, you first need to find out the establishment date for your buildings. If it is before 1980, your floor may contain asbestos. Also, you need to check the size of the tiles. If the tiles are square in sizes with 9 by 9, 12 by 12, or 18 by 18 measurements, the floor construction may include asbestos fiber. If the floor has asbestos fiber in it, you may see a dark sign of discoloration in it. Another way to check the presence of that harmful material is by looking at the cracked tiles if any. If the cracked tiles are found black or dark grey in color underneath, the sign is not good. When asbestos mastic is left open in the air for a long time, it turns into a grey color. You can also buy a testing kit to find out in detail.

However, if you are not confident about your knowledge regarding it, you must hire an expert who is proficient at asbestos testing for black mastic and cut back glue. After all, the material is so dangerous that if you even inhale the slightest of it, it may disturb your health. The expert testing cost depends on various matters. However, regardless of the cost and other factors, you should consider your health as the most crucial factor.

Quality and Safety are our Priority

Whether it is manufacturing the paint, primer, and sealer or providing the services of encapsulation, testing, and so on, we never compromise with quality. In addition, we prefer to take care of the safety guidelines decided by EPA or Environmental Protection Agency. Thus, we offer high-quality, safe, and legal asbestos encapsulation paint. The major features of the products are:

  • Ready to use
  • They are non-toxic
  • Easy to apply
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors

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Are you interested to avail of a safe and efficient way to get rid of the asbestos mastics? Perfect primer is the best partner for you. Find your preferred encapsulation products today with us.

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Beautiful, flexible stone resurfacing system. Will not crack like cement overlay systems. Waterproof and perfect for leaking balconies, decks and more. Can be applied over tile, wood, concrete, and almost any surface without demolition.
Decorative, waterproof, roll-on cement and wood resurfacing system for outdoor decks, patios, balconies, rooftops etc. No demo required. Perfect for DIY or professional. Contains no cement or harmful chemicals.

What Our Clients Are Saying!

Lois Pocian

I am sooooo pleased with your product. I was feeling defeated only a few weeks ago. Your product was a godsend. It did everything you said it would! The final results with the epoxy top coat, turned out great. Being a 64 year old woman, I am pleased to say “I did it by myself”. Thank you so much.!

Rebecca Taylor

Thank you again for helping us with our order. We are very excited about this product. You made our day! God bless

Eileen Velasco - Administrative Assistant
Brown’s Services, Inc.

We have had great experience with the product. We use it as a primer over paint, tile, wood – this is the primer we use to bond with Miracote Micro-Topping when we resurface floors. We buy Perfect Primer from Specialty Solutions because it is a great primer. We use it to cut down on the work of removing paint, glue etc.

Nick Cenci - President
Stardust Coatings

I just wanted to write to you regarding your PerfectPrimer product. I have been using this product for several years, and especially this past year. I use it for crack repair, priming of cut back glue floors and over existing tile. I am very satisfied with how well it covers, and it is very easy to use. I would recommend this product to anyone. Try it and you won’t be disappointed.

Trip Reilly
Concrete Surfaces Unlimited - Chattanooga, TN

I’m sending you note, concerning your PerfectPrimer. We used it on a basement floor covered with carpet glue and old paint. The reason for using this product was to eliminate the ‘labor intense’ surface prep work of diamond grinding or bead blasting the floor prior to application of a cementitious overlayment, without jeopardizing the integrity of the overlay’s ability to bond with the substrate. Not only did we save money and time on the prep work but also, once the PerfectPrimer coat was applied, had a highly bondable and consistent surface for our overlayment to adhere to....

Anita C. Edwards
Brown’s Services, Inc.

Dear Sir, We want place another order of the PerfectPrimer product. We are so pleased with this product because it has reduced our surface prep time by days! In the past we have had to grind the concrete to remove layers of glue and mastic but now we simply clean the existing surface with a neutral cleaner and degreaser and then roll over the surface with the PerfectPrimer. Twelve hours later we are ready to apply our micro-topping. Thanks again for introducing us to this product! It is a labor saver. Thank you again. Regards,

Rob Sattelmyer
Concepts In Concrete

Wanted to say thanks and how impressed I have become by PerfectPrimer. I just got back from inspecting a potential nightmare of a job where Seam Perfect performed as promised. Six months ago, we did coatings on a basement floor that had several obstacles. It was an older historic house with very narrow stairways, which prevented us from getting the grinding equipment that was needed to prep the floor for our overlay system. Plus, the floor was prone to moisture, and covered with Cut-Back glue and tile mastic. After attending your seminar I decided to give PerfectPrimer a chance on this project...

Mr. Winnie .H. WAHL
Creative concrete Concepts Inc.

I must say that I am happy with the results I have experienced with your product, as it has performed as you have claimed in all respects to overlay preparation. One one site I removed Marley tiles, removed most glue with scraper and placed your primer over that. Second site was a B&B with some major cracks. This customer has had a bad experience with a previous contractor whose work has cracked after only 4 months, due to neglecting to repair cracks prior to installing his overlay.

Johnny Roybal
Legend Restoration

This letter is to acknowledge my experiences using your product PerfectPrimer. I have used this product for over 4 years now and love it! I have had nothing but success in the many jobs I’ve done. My clients have commented on how amazed and happy they were that we did not have to demolish, grind, and create dust in order to get their job done. For example: I had a job in 2007 that was a clay floor (satillo tile) that the clients did not want to pay for the removal of...


I wanted to let you all know how much we enjoy using your product, PerfectPrimer. It’s cutting our prep time in half and allowing us to take jobs we probably would not have taken otherwise. I have attached before and after pictures. This was a pool deck that had kool deck coming up in several places. We would not have taken this job if grinding was our only option. We love your product and it’s helping our business stay profitable!!!

Pete Jones - President

Dear Sirs: We are in the decorative concrete business, applying GraniTite spray-on granite Coating and concrete overlay stains. We ordered our first bucket of SeamsPerfect Base Coat in April of 2009. This has changed the way we look at some of the challenges that we encounter. We have used SeamsPerfect successfully to prep surfaces such as ceramic tile, painted concrete and many other jobs where we are concerned about preparing a good bonding surface...

Jon Vilhauer - Owner
Versatile Coatings LLC

Dear Sirs, It was a pleasure talking with you the other day. I just wanted to send you a note on my recent experience with your product. I had a customer that had an overlay system applied to their patio. The stain the contractor used had all but faded away. Instead of removing the existing sealer, we used our floor sander to cleane the surface and applied a coat of your primer, then applying one of our coatings in the customer color of choice....

Ron Stotler
Concrete Innovations

Dear Sirs:, Just wanted to let you know that I repaired 30 feet of cracks with the PerfectPrimer, TrueGrit and the fabric. I mixed the grit dust with PerfectPrimer until it was a putty consistency and used a putty knife to fill the cracks. I then brushed PerfectPrimer over the crack, applied the fabric and then brushed another coat of PerfectPrimer over the fabric.....

William T. Kulish - President
Quintechs, LLC

It was great talking with you the other day. I wanted to share my delight in finding your product just in the nick of time. I own a decorative,re-surfacing concrete company based out of Delaware. We had just completed turning 20 year old concrete, which was failing, cracking and looking bad, into what looked like granite. I pulled the color off of an existing stone wall. All the trades working on this property loved it and kept asking how I did it.

Brandon Hailey
Concrete Alternatives

I have been using the Perfect Primer for several years now. I work in all fields of decorative concrete from overlays to epoxy coatings. I must say the Perfect Primer lives up to its name. I have not used a grinder to prep a floor since using the Perfect Primer. Many jobs that I once may have had to walk away and not bid, or bid them high to cover cost of running a grinder; I now can be really competitive with my pricing. It saves so much time and labor. The prep work is cut down tremendously. My regret is that I didn’t find it sooner in my business operations. Great way to put money in your pocket and save your back and that of your crew.


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