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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: JULY 2020Specialty Solutions Manufacturing,  producer of nationally renowned asbestos black mastic sealers and specialty primers for over twenty years, has expanded its product line and developed a brand-new website to showcase and sell its products to customers all around North America. During the middle of the last century, manufacturers added asbestos to black mastic flooring adhesives. Made with organic materials, the goop-like adhesive was inexpensive, which meant that it was widely used when installing linoleum and vinyl flooring. Unfortunately, the addition of the asbestos renders that material extremely hazardous and toxic as we know today. Perfect Primer’s celebrated solutions are designed to prime and seal surfaces with hazardous materials like asbestos without disturbing or abating them so as to meet all  EPA regulations.

PerfectPrimer Products’ Flagship Product: PerfectPrimer

PerfectPrimer product has made life easier for homeowners, do-it-yourselfers, commercial property owners, and contractors who need to cope with the challenge of asbestos-laden black mastics. This product is an all-in-one primer and sealer. With PerfectPrimer there’s no need to turn to chemical solvents in an attempt to get rid of the black asbestos mastics, and power washing won’t remove this incredibly stubborn material.

Specialty Solutions created a proprietary set out to formulate a solution that could effectively deal with this problem affordably and efficiently. The result is PerfectPrimer, a product that prepares floors for epoxy, paint, and even decorative cement surfacing. This primer / sealer bonds new coatings to virtually any surface. No need to remove the black mastic. No need for grinding. No need for soy gels, heat, acids or, sanding or scraping. With PerfectPrimer, you can safely seal the asbestos mastics and cut-back on the need for glue and tile. Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or professional contractor, you can safely use this product to manage a black mastic issue.

PerfectPrimer is non-toxic, includes no harmful ingredients, and emits no harmful odors. It meets safety guidelines set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency because it doesn’t dissolve or disturb the mastic. All you need is two coats to seal and ready your surface for paints or new epoxies. It even comes ready to use in its container and can be cleaned up easily with water. This not only offers a powerful, safe solution to an otherwise difficult problem, but it saves an enormous amount of time and money.

PerfectPrimer’s Family of Products

Customers who fell in love with PerfectPrimer for sealing asbestos black mastics now have more to love. With the launch of its new website, PerfectPrimer has a dynamic vehicle for promoting its other highly effective products, including its PerfectPaint product designed to paint and prime for sealing black mastics and tile. Paint and primer in one–that’s a recipe to cut down on work time while creating an attractive surface or preparing a surface for tile or carpeting.

PerfectPrimer has also introduced specialty primers and sealers with products: SlabTight and IronBack. SlabTight blocks gas and vapor for concrete. IronBack is an all-in-one rust converter and paint primer. PerfectPrimer also features effective protective waterproofing products and decorative and concrete resurfacing systems.

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