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Sealing and priming asbestos surfaces for new coatings and flooring can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! When you know what you’re dealing with, and have the right tools for the job, anyone can easily seal and prime potentially toxic surfaces (including asbestos mastic, black mastics, cutback glue, failed soy gels, and lead paint) so that your renovation looks professional, lasts for years to come, and never makes you question the safety of your home. For a primer that’s easy to use and reliable for ages, PerfectPrimer is the way to go. Let’s take a look at why our solution is superior to others on the market.

What is PerfectPrimer?

PerfectPrimer is a unique material designed specifically to seal and prime textured surfaces like concrete, wood, tile, paint, shingles, epoxy, and others that contain toxic materials. It acts as a sealer under the category described by the EPA as a latex bridging encapsulant. The ease of application with paint brushes and paint rollers makes the coating process and all finishing touches easy to apply while keeping the toxins safely sealed away.

How is PerfectPrimer applied?

After clearing the surface area from all debris, wash and rinse with PerfectCleaner to make sure any remaining dust and dirt have been completely wiped up. Using a paint roller, apply an even layer across the entire surface then allow 12 hours for the PerfectPrimer to set and dry. Once dry, check the area for any cracks or crevices that may need to be patched before applying a second coat. This second coat should cure for a minimum of 24 hours before any paint, epoxy or finishes are laid.

Why Choose PerfectPrimer?

The answer is simple: reliable results combined with ease of use make PerfectPrimer the obvious choice when dealing with dangerous toxins like asbestos mastic, black mastics, cutback glue, failed soy gels, and lead paint. Not only does it provide an unprecedented seal that makes application easier than ever before, but any handyman or homeowner can also use PerfectPrimer safely.

In fact, PerfectPrimer is the safe, legal, and effective method of treating and priming asbestos mastics within EPA guidelines, without the lengthy, expensive process of asbestos abatement. It’s a professional, costly job done with a simple flick of a paintbrush!

If you’re looking for a way to effectively seal and prime difficult, toxic surfaces without sacrificing convenience or ease of use then look no further than PerfectPrimer. With its innovative formulation designed specifically for sealing and priming difficult substrates, this powerful primer offers a reliable seal with just two layers of paint, making it ideal for experienced DIYers, handymen, and beginners alike! Grab yourself some PerfectPrimer today, and look through the rest of the PerfectPrimer Family of Products to make sure every toxic, odorous substance across your property is sealed away for good.


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