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​Both homeowners and professional contractors frequently ask, “can I safely seal or  remove black mastic?” They are eager to know if DIY asbestos mastic removal is possible or not. But, let us warn you that you cannot safely remove mastic by yourself. The harmful materials in mastic can affect your health. You need to hire a mastic remover expert. Different types of materials are available as mastic removers. The professionals know what suits your case the best. Many black mastics produced during the mid 20th century were made with asbestos. Asbestos, of course, has been medically proven to cause the life-threatening condition known as mesothelioma. Compounding the problem is that black asbestos mastics from this time were incredibly cheap, so they were widely used in both residential and commercial buildings. Now, decades later, when it comes time to renovate and remodel these buildings, we need to understand if we can safely remove this hazardous material–and how. The truth is, with today’s innovative solutions, the leading advice is this: don’t remove asbestos black mastic when you can safely seal and prime it!

Why Remove Asbestos Black Mastic?

When old flooring begins to break down and requires replacement, the black mastic beneath it needs to be sealed or safely removed with professional assistance or DIY asbestos mastic removal. If the mastic becomes exposed, it becomes a health risk for the setting in question. If you’re installing new flooring, you’ll probably want to remove overlay floors along with this mastic in order to get down to the base surface. In either case, you’ll definitely need to address the mastic before you attempt new flooring installation.

Removing Asbestos Black Mastic: Unsafe, Messy, and Expensive

Some people do choose to remove asbestos black mastic, but the process is not easy. If you’re not a licensed contractor with experience to deal with this material, you may be putting yourself and others at risk by disturbing the black mastic without taking all the necessary precautions like wetting it and using the more effective chemical solvents designed for this purpose. You cannot safely remove mastic. Of course, remember that these solvents themselves can be health risks.

If you choose to hire professionals to remove the asbestos black mastic, you can expect to pay a premium charge for this labor-intensive service that includes the mastic remover. Most flooring contractors are licensed to deal with asbestos, so you’ll have to find an abatement company that features licensed technicians who perform this type of work with mastic removers before calling your flooring company.

Don’t Disturb It When You Can Seal It!

The act of disturbing asbestos black mastic is itself a hazardous step. Old asbestos black mastics are delicate. Any common person without prior knowledge cannot safely remove mastic. So, do not disturb the material with DIY asbestos mastic removal. If fibers are disturbed and breathed in, there’s a real danger of developing the life-threatening condition called mesothelioma. For many residential and commercial property owners, the goal is to reduce this health risk with the most effective solutions for dealing with this tricky material. The mastic removers must save you from the dangerous effects. You should ask the professionals if there is any such mastic remover available.

Now, many experts are advising contractors and do-it-yourselfers alike to seal and prime the asbestos black mastic. Not only is this solution easier and cheaper to achieve, it’s safe too. A commercial product that seals and primes surfaces laden with black asbestos mastic means you don’t have to worry or pay a small fortune for its removal.

PerfectPrimer Seals and Primes Asbestos Black Mastics

Perfect Primer has created an innovative asbestos encapsulation solution for dealing with asbestos black mastics called PerfectPrimer. Because it seals and primes your surface, there’s no need to safely remove cutback glue or the black mastic material. In many situations, covering up and sealing the black mastic is actually safer than attempting its challenging removal. Once the mastic surface is sealed and primed, you can apply your epoxy or paint. If you do not know how to cover black glue with encapsulation materials, do not worry. Our experts are ready to help. We, at Perfect Primer, offer various products of blue bear soy gel alternative, soy gel asbestos mastic remover, blue bear bean-e-doo, and so on. We manufacture the products keeping the EPA guidelines in mind. So, they are safe and legal to be used.

Worried about chemicals and product safety? Unlike the solvents needed for black mastic removal, PerfectPrimer contains no hazardous ingredients. It’s NON TOXIC! This non toxic product covers and seals off any potential hazards in the black mastic material. It doesn’t emit any unpleasant odors and it cleans up like a dream with just water. PerfectPrimer does its job with just two coats. For affordably and efficacy, you just can’t beat this solution for managing an asbestos black mastic situation.

PerfectPrimer has become the darling of do-it-yourselfers who are installing new flooring as well as professional contractors who work with older residential and commercial constructions. Owing to PerfectPrimer’s immense success, its manufacturer Speciality Solutions Manufacturing. The  Perfect Primer Products line has now created an entire family of sealing, priming, waterproofing, and resurfacing products. Visit the company’s website to learn more about PerfectPrimer and each product in its line.

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