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A fibrous silicate mineral, asbestos is known today for its serious health risks. However, up until the 1980s, this material was frequently used to create construction materials owing to its heat resistant and durable properties. Once the scientific community determined that asbestos is a dangerous material that can cause deadly disease, legislators banned the use of asbestos. Unfortunately, there is still an awful lot of this hazardous material in residential and commercial settings. So long as the asbestos remains undisturbed, it will not pose a risk. However, if you’re planning to remove flooring installed before the 1980s, you need to know about the dangers of asbestos black mastic and how to protect yourself and your setting.

Why Is Asbestos Black Mastic Dangerous?

When homeowners or contractors disturb black mastic by removing old floor tiles, they can inadvertently cause asbestos fibers to be released into the air. If you breathe in those fibers, they can lodge in the tissue of your lungs or other organs to produce a deadly and malignant tumor. Anyone who lives in an older home should take care before removing old floor tiles. Before 1980, many construction pros used black mastic adhesive to install flooring. This material was often formulated with asbestos.

Asbestos can cause the deadly disease mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a cancer of the tissue lining that surrounds the lungs, hearts, or abdomen. Asbestos can also cause other forms of lung cancer and a condition known as asbestosis, which is non-cancerous but involves scarring of the lungs. Owing to the dangers of these health conditions, property owners should exercise great caution when renovating their homes or commercial properties. If you suspect that flooring involves black mastic adhesive, you should have it tested or contact a certified contractor who specializes in asbestos removal.

Should I Remove Asbestos Black Mastic?

When confronted with old flooring held in place by black mastic, you should consider the dangers associated with its removal before proceeding. First, think about purchasing an asbestos testing kit. These kits instruct you how to safely procure a test sample. The kit may cost up to $45 while the testing cost could cost another $40. It’s essential to follow the kit’s instructions to safeguard your health. You need to wear a dust mask and use gloves for the procedure.

If the kit’s results are positive for asbestos, you have two options. You can contact a contractor in your area who is certified to remove asbestos black mastic or you can seal it. Removing black mastic is associated with significant expense. It’s a painstaking process even for trained professionals. Your contractor will need to take all the safety precautions in order to prevent the asbestos fibers from being released into the air.

Typically, to remove the asbestos black mastic, your contractor will wet the material–and keep it wet throughout the entire removal process. It’s a messy job and sometimes they may need to use chemicals to completely remove this dangerous material. Experts warn do-it-yourselfers not to attempt this risky removal job.

What’s the Other Option?

You do have an alternative to removal when it comes to asbestos black mastic. Many people choose to seal and prime the black mastic so it can no longer pose a safety risk. This process is easy and affordable. Once sealed, your old flooring can be safely covered with new flooring–or even paint and epoxy.

Choose PerfectPrimer to Seal Asbestos Black Mastic

PerfectPrimer formulated its PerfectPrimer product to safely and efficiently cover old black mastic flooring with two coats. This non-toxic product contains no unpleasant odors and is easy to clean up with water. PerfectPrimer is an affordable alternative to black mastic removal. Once you seal and prime your floor with PerfectPrimer, you can install new flooring over the old. Add carpeting, vinyl, laminate, or other flooring material to complete your renovation project.

The PerfectPrimer Family of Products

Owing to the immense success of PerfectPrimer for sealing and priming asbestos black mastic, PerfectPrimer–the company–developed a lineup of priming products designed for use with many different surfaces. Its family of sealers provide barrier coatings and are embraced by the construction industry at large. Discover its suite of products to find the ideal solutions for your next renovation project.

If you’re facing a renovation that involves black mastic, consider PerfectPrimer as a convenient way to manage the situation. Once you seal the black mastic flooring, you can install your new floor without fear. Visit the Perfect Primer website to discover its innovative priming and sealing products.

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