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If you’re planning to renovate your home or business and that renovation includes flooring that has been installed with black mastic, you need to tread carefully. Even professional contractors hesitate and take time to plan when it comes to managing a situation that involves this type of material. Black mastic is a dangerous material because manufacturers frequently added asbestos when creating it during the mid last century when this type of adhesive was popularly used to install flooring. As a property owner confronting flooring installed with black mastic, you need to decide whether to remove it or seal it. Use the following information to help you make your decision. When it comes to vinyl flooring or other types of floorings, different sorts of queries are found. We often get questions like – do you need to seal mastic before installing a wood or vinyl floor? You can find answers to your questions below.

What Is Black Mastic?

Black mastic is an adhesive that was widely used for several decades as a flooring adhesive. It was highly effective and cheap, which made it a popular choice among contractors. Unfortunately, at that time, manufacturers were not yet aware of the dangers of asbestos and they often added it to make black mastic products. Of course, once manufacturers understood the hazards associated with asbestos, they discontinued its use, but by that time, their products had been used to install countless floors. Now, property owners are dealing with those floors and struggling with how best to cope with black mastic.

What Is the Danger?

The exact danger involved with black mastic is disturbing is so that it releases those mesothelioma-causing asbestos fibers into the air. Black mastic, especially after it has aged, can be very delicate. It breaks down easily. So, the danger of disturbing black mastic is real. Mesothelioma is a life-threatening condition that can begin in the lungs. It frequently forms a malignant cancer in the tissues of the lungs or other organs. Mesothelioma is a deadly illness and any property owners needs to be extremely careful before managing an asbestos black mastic situation.

Should I Remove Asbestos Black Mastic?

Often, property owners will feel inclined to get rid of asbestos black mastic. It’s understandable that they would want a potentially deadly material completely removed. It’s important to remember that removal will necessarily disturb the black mastic. So, meticulous care has to be taken in order to be as safe as possible to remove this material. It’s best to invite a contractor who has been certified in the removal of asbestos black mastic. The process is time-consuming and expensive. The contractor will need to wear protective gear and clothing and keep the black mastic wet throughout the process in order to prevent fibers from releasing into the air where they could be breathed in by anyone who comes into contact with them. In some cases, the pros will also apply chemicals, which are also toxic, in order to render the job less difficult.

Not just anyone should be attempting this type of project because of the dangers. Fortunately, removal isn’t your only alternative. Asbestos black mastic can be sealed so that it is no longer a threat. If you want asbestos encapsulation ABC Fiberlock is a wise option to try. 

Can I Seal Asbestos Black Mastic?

Today, property owners are fortunate because they can safely seal asbestos floor tile that includes black mastic using non-toxic sealing / priming products like PerfectPrimer. Once sealed and primed, the asbestos

fibers can no longer be released into the air and you can paint or apply epoxy or even install new flooring over the old. Sealing asbestos black mastic means that there’s no need to disturb it. It’s a much less intensive process of asbestos encapsulation coating. In short, yes, property owners can effectively seal black mastic before moving on with their renovation plan. Do you need to seal mastic before installing a wood or vinyl floor? Our products at Perfect Primer help in that too. Whenever you require sealing a floor, in your office, or at home, you can think about applying adhesives from Perfect Primer. 

PerfectPrimer Seals and Primes Asbestos Black Mastic

People have innumerable queries regarding mastics. Do you need to seal mastic before installing a wood or vinyl floor? It is a question that many people ask. Perfect Primer developed its PerfectPrimer formula to be non-toxic and safe for any property owner to use. Simply apply a coat of PerfectPrimer and it seals and primes the black mastic material, encapsulating it so that it is no longer a toxic threat. By using this sealer, you don’t have to remove mastic material or cutback glue. Once you apply that coat and allow it to dry, you can clean up easily using water. Then, you can paint, apply epoxy, or install new flooring material like vinyl, ceramic tile, wood, or other options.

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