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Flooring that contains asbestos is still a common concern for many home and commercial property owners. Black mastic was frequently used by contractors and builders during the middle of the last century as an inexpensive flooring tile adhesive. Unfortunately, many black mastics contain asbestos. At that time, no one knew how potentially lethal asbestos could be when its fibers were breathed or ingested. If you have black mastic flooring tiles, it’s vital to handle this type of material with care. In most cases, it’s better to seal asbestos rather than remove it and disturb those deadly asbestos fibers.

With PerfectPrimer, you can seal, prime, and paint over asbestos black mastic tiles. Once this material is sealed, it no longer poses a threat to your home or business setting. Perfect Primer created its flagship PerfectPrimer and its exciting new formulation PerfectPaint to provide a non-toxic solution for easily, safely, and inexpensively dealing with asbestos black mastic in any type of residential or commercial property setting. Learn how to effectively manage these products and your asbestos flooring here.

How Do I Paint Concrete Floors?

PerfectPrimer and PerfectPaint can be used on concrete floors as well as other types of flooring. Both of these products can be used to seal and prime asbestos black mastic tile. Once you coat your flooring with these products, you can install new flooring or carpeting on top of it. On the other hand, you can simply apply PerfectPaint as your top coat and it’s all you need to paint your concrete floor.

How Do I Remove Old Asbestos Tiles?

If you want to remove old asbestos tiles from your home or business setting, you should contact a contractor who is certified to remove asbestos. Disturbing these tiles is a health risk. Only someone trained to perform this work should do it. Because it is painstaking work, it tends to be expensive.

Remember, you don’t have to remove old asbestos tiles. Many home and business remodelers prefer to seal this material with PerfectPrimer or PerfectPaint. These products are affordable, safe, and effective for removing the health threat posed by unsealed black mastic flooring.

How Do I Encapsulate Asbestos Mastics on Concrete Floors?

Using PerfectPrimer and PerfectPaint to encapsulate asbestos mastics on concrete floors is easy. Simply read the instructions on these products. Typically, one or two coats is all that’s needed to encapsulate black mastic flooring tiles. Users can apply these products directly to the tiles. These products meet EPA guidelines for not dissolving or disturbing asbestos black mastics. They can also be conveniently used with patching or decorative cements.

How to Remove Floor Glue?

While many black mastic adhesives were formulated with asbestos, not all contain asbestos. How do you know if your floor glue contains asbestos? In most cases, you don’t. It’s safer to assume that your floor glue used to install mid-century tiles includes these dangerous fibers. So, it’s best not to remove floor glue in most renovating and remodeling situations. Instead, seal and prime this material. Then paint over it. Or, use a product like PerfectPaint that provides all three functions at once!

How to Remove Cutback Glue?

Again, it’s best to avoid removing cutback glue associated with mid-century or earlier flooring tiles. They may contain asbestos as so many black mastic adhesives do. Use PerfectPrimer or PerfectPaint to seal in this glue and safely ready your flooring for your next application. It’s better to paint asbestos black mastic than to disturb it with removal.

How Do I Use PerfectPrimer and PerfectPaint?

Both of these products made by Perfect Primer are safe and non-toxic. To use either, it’s best to clean your flooring using PerfectCleaner. Afterward, if your floor requires patching, you can apply it. Then, simply coat the floor with either product. If you are using patching, it’s best to apply two coats. These products are both paint and prime black mastic, getting your floor ready it for its next application. PerfectPaint, of course, features a painted finish that can be left as is.

Once these products have had a chance to dry and cure, you can continue your renovation. In the case of PerfectPrimer, for instance, you can install new flooring or carpeting directly atop your newly sealed floor.

Removing asbestos black mastic flooring tile doesn’t have to be a nightmare when you decide to seal it instead. It’s safe and cheap to seal and paint asbestos mastics rather than risking exposure to disturbed asbestos fibers. Perfect Primer’s products are inexpensive, EPA approved, and effective for sealing in asbestos. Visit each product’s description to learn more or to place your order.