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All You Need to Know about Vinyl LVP or Laminate Wood over Black Asbestos Mastic


If you are eager to know how to put vinyl LVP or laminate wood over black asbestos mastic, you must learn what it is, first. Also, you should have an idea about its pros and cons. As the EPA regulations for asbestos mastic say, you must not remove the asbestos completely. It causes more harm than anything else. Instead of removing it using floor glue mastic removers and dissolvers, you should seal it. How to cover, encapsulate, or seal black mastic? A question that people often ask. And it is essential to learn as well since, without it, you cannot install vinyl LVP or laminate wood.

You can seal the floor with professional help and the right sealer. Well, you can opt for a perfect combination of sealer, primer, and paint. First, seal the floor. Then, go for priming the surface. And finally, paint asbestos black glue. This is how you can seal the black mastic and prepare it for new layer installation.

LVP or Luxury Vinyl Plank is a broad category that includes all types of vinyl products designed for artificial stones or tiles. You can get the look of wooden planks and the features of vinyl at once.

The Pros are –

  • They are cost-effective.
  • Various styles are available.
  • It is versatile.
  • It is long-lasting and scratch-resistant.

The Cons are

  • A foul odor comes out.
  • Limited UV resistance is found.

Now, let’s move towards how to put vinyl LVP or laminate wood over black asbestos mastic.

How to Put Vinyl LVP or Laminate Wood over Black Asbestos Mastic:

The first step to performing the task is preparing your floor. To install the vinyl plank, you must get a smooth, clean, and solid surface to adhere to the LVP. If the floor has been approved as non-friable or has existing sealed asbestos, it is perfect. If it is not, seal it evenly. Make sure that your floor does not have any cracks or damages.

Next, determine the direction where you want to lay your planks. Once you get the right direction, you can start laying the planks. Make sure the size of the LPVs goes well with the room’s area. Calculate how many pieces you need for the whole room and buy accordingly. Lay the planks row by row. For the final wrap-up, you may have to install molding in the doorway.

Thus, you can get the perfect vinyl LVP or laminate wood installation.

Now, before we end our discussion, let’s answer some of the frequently asked questions.

Can I remove the black mastic myself?

You can, but you should not. It is unsafe to remove black mastic all by yourself without taking any professional help. The harmful materials can affect your health.

Is black adhesive asbestos?

All of the black adhesive floorings may not contain asbestos. But you should not take any risk. The black construction adhesives found in the buildings that are constructed before the 1990s are likely to contain asbestos. So, you must test it.

How do you cover asbestos tiles in a basement?

Padded carpeting helps the best here. A rubber-based carpet pad is good enough instead of a simple fiber pad. Anyways, you can use other methods like new vinyl flooring, ceramic tiles, etc.

So, we have discussed everything from how to put vinyl LVP or laminate wood over black asbestos mastic to commonly asked questions on asbestos flooring. We hope it has helped you to learn the details.

PerfectPrimer Seals and Primes Asbestos Black Mastics

Perfect Primer has created an innovative asbestos encapsulation solution for dealing with asbestos black mastics called PerfectPrimer. Because it seals and primes your surface, there’s no need to safely remove cutback glue or the black mastic material. In many situations, covering up and sealing the black mastic is actually safer than attempting its challenging removal. Once the mastic surface is sealed and primed, you can apply your epoxy or paint. If you do not know how to cover black glue with encapsulation materials, do not worry. Our experts are ready to help. We, at Perfect Primer, offer various products of blue bear soy gel alternative, soy gel asbestos mastic remover, blue bear bean-e-doo, and so on. We manufacture the products keeping the EPA guidelines in mind. So, they are safe and legal to be used.

Worried about chemicals and product safety? Unlike the solvents needed for black mastic removal, PerfectPrimer contains no hazardous ingredients, and is fully non-toxic. This non toxic product covers and seals off any potential hazards in the black mastic material. It doesn’t emit any unpleasant odors and it cleans up like a dream with just water. PerfectPrimer accomplishes this without the use of any additional products. For affordably and efficacy, you just can’t beat this solution for managing an asbestos black mastic situation.

PerfectPrimer has become the darling of do-it-yourselfers who are installing new flooring as well as professional contractors who work with older residential and commercial constructions. Owing to PerfectPrimer’s immense success, its manufacturer Speciality Solutions Manufacturing. The  Perfect Primer Products line has now created an entire family of sealing, priming, waterproofing, and resurfacing products. Visit the company’s website to learn more about PerfectPrimer and each product in its line.

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