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If you’re planning to renovate or remodel but find yourself confronted with black mastic flooring tiles, you need to pause and reflect. Popular during the 1950s and 1960s, black mastic was a widely used adhesive that was extremely effective but has since been shown to be immensely dangerous. Many black mastics contained asbestos. When asbestos is disturbed, its fibers are released into the air. These are the same fibers known to cause the deadly condition known as mesothelioma. They can cause other health problems as well. Before you disturb your black mastic tiles, make a plan to encapsulate them.

Why Should You Encapsulate Asbestos Black Mastics?

Removing black mastic is a long, arduous, and expensive task. To safely remove this material, you’ll need to hire a contractor who is certified to remove black mastics. As a specialty service that is inherently dangerous, asbestos removal is a premium priced service. However, that’s not the only way to deal with a black mastic situation. In fact, many professional contractors much prefer to safely seal, prime, and paint asbestos black mastic instead. If you paint and prime black mastic, you effectively encapsulate its potential health risks, rendering the material benign. It’s safe, cheap, and effective to encapsulate black mastic tile. The key is to use products that are designed specifically for the task.

Perfect Primer Products

Don’t remove asbestos tiles, but safely encapsulate them using products from Perfect Primer like PerfectPaint and the company’s flagship product, PerfectPrimer. These products allow you to safely seal, prime, and paint asbestos black mastic tiles. This way, you don’t need to disturb the asbestos fibers that the black mastic may harbor. Once you paint and prime black mastic, it’s sealed. You can leave your removed asbestos flooring as is or install carpeting or tile right over it. You cannot use just any paint or primer to safely encapsulate this dangerous material. Perfect Primer specifically formulated its products for this function. Now, for a fraction of what it would cost you to remove black mastic flooring tiles, you can seal them using PerfectPrimer or PerfectPaint.

Prime and Seal Black Mastic with PerfectPrimer

PerfectPrimer seals and primes asbestos mastics and other cutback glues. Don’t remove asbestos tiles but safely encapsulate asbestos flooring them using this innovative, non-toxic product. PerfectPrimer meets EPA safety standards and contains no harmful VOCs. As an all-in-one primer and sealer, it can be applied directly over asbestos black mastics, lead paint, cutback adhesive materials, and other challenging surfaces. With PerfectPrimer, there’s no need to grind and sand. You can save time and money as PerfectPrimer comes ready for use.

Prime, Seal, and Paint Asbestos Mastics with PerfectPaint

Use PerfectPaint to prime, seal, and paint black mastics and other difficult surfaces. Like PerfectPrimer, PerfectPaint harbors no toxic ingredients or VOCs. It adheres to your flooring easily to safely encapsulate the asbestos mastic material. Two coats is all it takes. Once PerfectPaint cures, you can apply epoxies or other flooring material atop it. Cover it with plank flooring, carpeting, vinyl flooring, or a floating wood floor. You can even leave it as is as PerfectPaint is a stand-alone floor paint.

Benefits of Perfect Primer Solutions

Perfect Primer has formulated products that meet EPA guidelines for use with asbestos black mastics. They don’t dissolve or disturb the mastic. You can use them to encapsulate this unsafe material. Plus, they are safe and easy to use so you don’t have to hire a contractor to perform this service for you. You can avoid any necessity for using soy gels or solvents to remove the dangerous black mastic material. No need to grind, scrape, or sand.

To apply PerfectPrimer and PerfectPaint, you simply need a roller brush. These products can be used indoor and outdoors and come ready to be used right from the container. To clean up, just use water. Encapsulation is the preferred way to deal with a black mastic situation. It’s safer than removal and effective.

If you aren’t familiar with Perfect Primer, be sure to visit the website to peruse its products. PerfectPrimer and PerfectPaint are just a few of the company’s formulations designed to prime and seal surfaces. The company also features products like PolarCoat for surfaces associated with extreme temperatures and PerfectMembrane, a waterproofing solution. Choosing the right product for the job is the key to a successful outcome. When you use products like PerfectPrimer and PerfectPaint, you can easily prime, seal, and paint asbestos mastics and other challenging surfaces. You don’t have to spend a fortune. Just visit Perfect Primer to order these EPA-approved products, and get the job done safely and efficiently.