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NOW AVAILABLE:   PerfectPaint: All-in-One Paint and Primer

Perfect Primer Products is proud to have  recently added a brand new product to its suite of asbestos sealers and black mastic primers called PerfectPaint

This all-in-one paint and primer is ideal for safely and effectively sealing asbestos black mastic and painting flooring with asbestos. PerfectPrimer Products has a reputation for developing formulations that are safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and easy to use. PerfectPaint is the perfect complement to a lineup of products that are revolutionizing how commercial and residential property owners can safely paint asbestos black mastic without disturbing it. 

This is the only  paint product that meets EPA specified method for  to seal, prime, and paint  over asbestos black mastics without disturbing them.  PerfectPaint is the perfect choice for sealing these potentially dangerous flooring materials.

PerfectPaint: All-in-One Paint and Primer

With PerfectPaint, you can safely seal, prime, and paint asbestos black mastic floor tiles. It goes over wood, and concrete floors. This unique formulation was specifically designed to paint black mastic that may contain potentially deadly asbestos. Use PerfectPaint over mastic and asbestos cut-bac glue, and then apply your plank, engineered wood, carpet or floating plank floor right on top 

You can also apply PerfectPaint over VCT tile, cutback glues, lead paint and other types of coatings, and clean surfaces such as concrete and wood. According to Specialty Solutions,  the developer and manufacturer of PerfectPaint, this paint product is the only one that is specified by the EPA to prime, seal, and paint asbestos black mastic without disturbing it. If you are planning to renovate or remodel a space that contains asbestos black mastic tiles, you should consider using this product to safely seal, prime, and paint asbestos tiles in order to render them harmless.

Once you use PerfectPaint to seal, prime, and paint your black mastic flooring tiles, you can leave the surface as is or cover it with epoxy, carpeting, or other flooring material. It’s a great alternative to hiring professional contractors who are certified to remove asbestos black mastic. Because it’s made by Perfect Primer, it’s a trustworthy product that is safe to use.

Affordable Way to Seal Asbestos Black Mastic

Removing asbestos black mastic is a time-consuming and potentially dangerous job. In most situations, it’s safest to hire a contractor who is certified to perform this type of work that involves asbestos. Disturbing asbestos black mastic is dangerous as it can release asbestos fibers into the air where they can be breathed and subject someone to developing deadly health conditions like mesothelioma. This type of contract work is necessarily expensive.

Now, property owners have an alternative to pricey and dangerous asbestos removal. For only $1 per square foot, they can prep, prime, seal, and paint asbestos black mastic. There’s no need to remove black mastic flooring tiles once they’ve been sealed using a PerfectPrimer product like PerfectPaint

PerfectPaint is a two coat, paint and primer in one. This application saves property owners time and great expense. Plus, it’s safer than attempting a black mastic removal or grinding or shot blasting..

PerfectPaint Is Safe and Non-Toxic

Perfect Primer has developed PerfectPaint to be a non-toxic product. It’s also an eco-friendly complete sealer, paint, and primer all in one great formulation. This product contains no harmful VOCs and is easy to clean up. It safely seals cutback glues, VCT, VAT tile, and, of course, asbestos mastics and cut back glue that were once popularly used during the middle of the last century as an inexpensive flooring material. Using this product does not disturb the mastics or dissolve them. That’s why it’s a safe alternative to asbestos black mastic removal. With this non-toxic product, you don’t have to grind, scrape, or remove any of the black mastic material.

Choose PerfectPaint

If you have black mastic flooring tiles in your home or commercial property, you can choose PerfectPaint to safely seal, prime, and paint asbestos material without disturbing it. This product is easy to apply with a roller brush. Perfect Primer recommends using its Perfect Cleaner to prep the black mastic flooring material before you use PerfectPaint. This will ensure that the primer / paint adheres perfectly to the surface. The formulation comes ready to use right away. You can apply quickly and clean up afterward with just water.

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