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Whenever it comes to floor renovation, ceramic tile is one of the most preferred choices. Considering its durability and simple yet elegant look, many homeowners look for it. The bathroom, living room, or the kitchen- it can easily fit anywhere. Professional home improvement experts are always available to install ceramic tiles. Also, if you have the right equipment and enough knowledge, you can do it by yourself.

But what if the black mastic appears on stage? How to install thin-set and ceramic tile over black mastic? As we know, black mastic has been a widely used material for flooring in old days. Even today many properties still include black mastic in the floors. It has been a popular choice for a long time. The concern comes later on when it was revealed that the asbestos present in it is extremely harmful. So, installing new floors over black mastic has become a matter of question.

The property owners who had properties with black mastic flooring got a hitch. They stepped back from initiating any new flooring project. Instead, many of them planned to go for complete mastic removal with floor glue mastic removers and dissolvers. But, removing the mastic is harmful too, as it disturbs the asbestos present in it. According to the EPA regulations for asbestos mastic, even such disturbance can cause serious health issues and environmental hazards. Hence, the experts say that sealing the mastic is the safest way from every aspect.

Once you learn how to cover, encapsulate or seal black mastic, you can easily prepare your floor for ceramic tiles installation. A wide range of sealers is available for the task. You have to choose the best one wisely. After all, all of the products are not suitable for your floor. Either you can hire a professional or do it yourself. Although hiring a professional does not cost high, you may choose to save that money by doing it yourself. If you plan for a DIY project, make sure that you are aware of the details. Also, gather all of the proper equipment for that. First, you have to seal the mastic; then, prime it; and finally paint asbestos black glue efficiently.

Once it is properly sealed, you can install ceramic tiles on it. Well, tiling is all about how you prepare the substrate and layout before the process. Once you have it ready, the final process of laying the tiles is not difficult.

If you want to learn how to install thin-set and ceramic tile over black mastic, we are here to help. The equipment you need is- tile cutting tools, rubber tile float, tile trowel, tile nipper, tape to measure, bubble level, rubber mallet, sponges, chalk line, safety glasses, framing square, and so on. Materials you require are- thin-set mortar, tiles, tile grout, grout sealer, grout haze remover, cement backer board, etc. However, the tools and materials may vary according to different floor types. Once you get the right materials and tools, here are the steps to follow:

  • Dry-fit the tiles.
  • Spread the mortar evenly.
  • Lay the tiles.
  • Cut and grout the tiles.
  • Seal the grout.

Thus, finally, you can install your favorite ceramic tiles on black mastic floors.

PerfectPrimer Seals and Primes Asbestos Black Mastics

Perfect Primer has created an innovative asbestos encapsulation solution for dealing with asbestos black mastics called PerfectPrimer. Because it seals and primes your surface, there’s no need to safely remove cutback glue or the black mastic material. In many situations, covering up and sealing the black mastic is actually safer than attempting its challenging removal. Once the mastic surface is sealed and primed, you can apply your epoxy or paint. If you do not know how to cover black glue with encapsulation materials, do not worry. Our experts are ready to help. We, at Perfect Primer, offer various products of blue bear soy gel alternative, soy gel asbestos mastic remover, blue bear bean-e-doo, and so on. We manufacture the products keeping the EPA guidelines in mind. So, they are safe and legal to be used.

Worried about chemicals and product safety? Unlike the solvents needed for black mastic removal, PerfectPrimer contains no hazardous ingredients. It’s NON TOXIC! This non toxic product covers and seals off any potential hazards in the black mastic material. It doesn’t emit any unpleasant odors and it cleans up like a dream with just water. PerfectPrimer does its job with just two coats. For affordably and efficacy, you just can’t beat this solution for managing an asbestos black mastic situation.

PerfectPrimer has become the darling of do-it-yourselfers who are installing new flooring as well as professional contractors who work with older residential and commercial constructions. Owing to PerfectPrimer’s immense success, its manufacturer Speciality Solutions Manufacturing. The  Perfect Primer Products line has now created an entire family of sealing, priming, waterproofing, and resurfacing products. Visit the company’s website to learn more about PerfectPrimer and each product in its line.

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