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Painting asbestos flooring is an effective and safe alternative to removing it. Asbestos is a dangerous material that, when disturbed, can become a health hazard. If asbestos fibers are disturbed and released into the air, they can be breathed in. Inside the body, these fibers can cause deadly health conditions like mesothelioma, a malignant cancerous tumor that can form in the lining of the lungs, abdomen, and even the heart. Today, contractors and property owners are increasingly relying on products like PerfectPrimer that eliminate the necessity to disturb and remove dangerous asbestos fibers contained in black mastic tiles. With PerfectPrimer and PerfectPaint, you don’t remove asbestos but safely encapsulate it.

Safely Seal, Prime, and Paint Asbestos

Black mastic flooring tile that contains asbestos was popularly used during the middle of the last century before people knew about the dangers of asbestos. Over time, of course, these tiles can begin to deteriorate or property owners may simply want to change décor and paint and prime black mastic or cover it with a different type of flooring material. If you’re wondering, ‘how do I remove old asbestos tiles‘ or ‘how to remove cutback glue,’ you can eliminate the necessity of asbestos removal altogether by using a product that’s formulated to safely encapsulate asbestos, this  toxic material.

PerfectPrimer and PerfectPaint are two products developed by the company Perfect Primer to safely seal, prime, and paint asbestosblack mastic flooring tiles“. These products are, themselves, non-toxic and easy to apply. You can use them to seal in and paint asbestos so that it is no longer a threat to the environment.

How Do I Paint Asbestos Flooring with PerfectPrimer or PerfectPaint?

You can use PerfectPrimer and PerfectPaint to safely paint and prime black mastic that may contain deadly asbestos fibers. With these products, you don’t remove cutback glues, but safely encapsulate them. To use these products, you should use PerfectCleaner to clean flooring first. PerfectCleaner deodorizes as it cleans and contains natural citrus extracts. This product will safely and effectively remove dirt, grease, and even oil, helping you prepare the surface for priming and painting with PerfectPrimer or PerfectPaint.

Using PerfectPrimer As An Asbestos Sealant vs Asbestos Removal

Wondering ‘how to remove cutback glue‘ or ‘how do I paint concrete floors?’ Simple! Use PerfectPrimer to safely seal, prime, and paint asbestos floor tiles that may be covering your flooring. PerfectPrimer seals and primes directly over many types of difficult surfaces, including black mastic tiles. There is absolutely no need to grind or sand your flooring to remove potentially dangerous cutback glues like black mastic.

After cleaning your flooring with PerfectCleaner, you simply apply two coats of PerfectPrimer over your asbestos flooring. After the PerfectPrimer or PerfectPaint cures, you can then apply paint, tile, or some other overlay. The black mastic is perfectly encapsulated also known as “encapsulated asbestos black mastic”  where it can do no harm. It’s a safe and convenient way to eliminate the problem of black mastic flooring.

Using PerfectPaint to Seal or Encapsulate Asbestos Black Mastic

PerfectPaint is similar to PerfectPrimer, but it contains the added formulation of paint Asbestos. If you’ve asked yourself, ‘how do I encapsulate asbestos mastics on concrete floors?’ you can simply choose PerfectPaint for your project. This all-in-one asbestos eccapulate formulation can be directly applied atop your black mastic flooring tiles or other difficult surfaces concrete, lead paint, or wood. Two coats are required for this product’s use.

Should I Use PerfectPrimer or PerfectPaint?

Use PerfectPrimer if you plan to apply a new coating atop your asbestos floor or to prepare the asbestos floor for new tiling, epoxy, or leveling cement. Use PerfectPaint if you want a finished, walkable surface without the need to apply any other paint or finish. PerfectPaint is an ideal formulation if you want to lay new carpet or vinyl flooring. Perfect Primer’s website contains more specific information about each product and its ideal uses.

How Safe Is It to Use PerfectPrimer or PerfectPaint?

Whether you’re a professional contractor or do-it-yourselfer, you definitely want to adhere to EPA guidelines when confronting asbestos black mastic floor tiles. While you can hire a contractor who is certified to remove this type of dangerous material, the process of removal is cumbersome and expensive. Using PerfectPrimer or PerfectPaint is a safe and inexpensive alternative to the removal of black mastic or other cutback glues.

Both of these formulations meet EPA guidelines. They encapsulate asbestos flooring  the material, trapping it within its formulation. They do not dissolve or disturb the mastic, making these options perfectly safe and, in many cases, preferable to the tedious removal process.

Shop for PerfectPrimer and PerfectPaint when you need to deal with a black mastic flooring tile situation. These products are a breeze to use and easy to clean up with water. You can save time and money while preparing your commercial or residential flooring.

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