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Many people are not aware that they can paint over asbestos black mastic floor tiles. Traditionally, before renovating or remodeling a space containing black mastic tiles, property owners would hire someone to safely remove them. Why remove cutback glue and black mastic tiles? During the middle of the last century, manufacturers of adhesives like cutback glues and black mastics used asbestos in their formulations. At that time, no one knew how potentially lethal asbestos could be. Cheap and effective for enhancing product durability, asbestos was added to black mastics and widely installed around the country. However, once released into the air, this material can prove deadly if people breathe it. Cancerous tumors associated with the disease known as mesothelioma can occur.

Before renovating a space, contractors were previously forced to remove asbestos black mastic floor tiles. A tedious process, removal of these materials is also costly and potentially dangerous. Property owners should hire a contractor who is certified to tackle this dangerous job. However, removal is no longer the only solution for contending with asbestos black mastic floor tiles. Property owners can paint them, but first, this flooring must be sealed. PerfectPrimer and PerfectPaint designed by PerfectPrimer is the ideal solutions for these situations.

What Kind of Paint Do I Use on Asbestos Floor Tiles?

To paint asbestos floor tiles, property owners must first clean them. Perfect Primer’s PerfectCleaner is the best solution for cleaning and preparing your flooring for sealing and painting asbestos floor tiles. But commercial and homeowners cannot use any paint to effectively seal black mastic tiles. Once sealed properly, the asbestos floor tiles can no longer prove a threat. Not all paint products can provide this function. In fact, PerfectPrimer and PerfectPaint have EPA approval; there formulations can seal asbestos black mastic floor tiles. Do not use other types of paint to seal or paint asbestos. PerfectPrimer and PerfectPaint are specifically formulated for this type of job.

How Do I Seal Floor Glue?

To seal floor glue that may contain asbestos, you should plan to use either PerfectPrimer or PerfectPaint for the job. Both products will effectively seal black mastic tiles. After cleaning the flooring using PerfectCleaner, apply either of these products to seal your asbestos black mastic flooring. The process is simple and easy to clean up using just water. Both products are safe and non-toxic. After coating the floor tiles and allowing the formulations to cure, you can then paint your flooring.

How do I Paint Black Mastic Flooring?

If you want to have a painted floor, you should choose to use PerfectPaint. It also primes and seals the black mastic floor tiles so you don’t have to remove cutback glues that may contain the harmful asbestos. After your first coat of PerfectPaint dries, you can apply the second coat. Then, allow that coat to dry and cure. Once it dries, you can clean up and then enjoy the use of your newly painted floor. Having been primed, sealed, and painted, your black mastic tiles are no longer a threat to your home.

How Do I Remove Cutback Glue?

When you opt to paint asbestos black mastic floor tiles, you no longer have to concern yourself with the removal of cutback glues. In fact, it’s safer not to remove cutback glues and to, instead, seal them with PerfectPaint. Unless you hire a certified professional to remove your black mastic floor tiles, you put yourself and your household at risk should any asbestos fibers get inadvertently released into the air.

If you are considering remodeling your residential or commercial property that contains asbestos back mastic flooring, choose to seal and paint your floor instead. It’s cheaper and you can perform the job yourself without disturbing the asbestos black mastic. To learn more about Perfect Primer and its products, visit the website. PerfectPrimer and PerfectPaint are non-toxic and contain no harmful VOCs. Simply apply them with a roller and brush and clean up any messes with water.

If you want to save money while eliminating the threat posed by asbestos black mastic floor tiles, choose to seal and paint your floor using PerfectPrimer or PerfectPaint. These products are patented and available now on the PerfectPrimer website. These products come ready for use and can also be used to prime, seal, and paint over other surfaces as well. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when using these products.

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